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    Memories. All the Wheezer vines in one place. #CatVines #RIP #BestCatEver  There’s so much cute in these vines. Anyone who watches them should smile. My smiles come in the shape of tears and they’re a little salty, but if you watch, you should just be like “awwwww, CUTE CAT!” and smile for real ;)

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    Keep calm. Play hoops.

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    a goddess emerges


    *jaw drop*

    She’s gorgeous.

    Hey baby…how you doin?

    Is it Fall yet?

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    From Tampa, With Love: Unconfirmed report: News outlet reports that maybe but maybe not because


    LONDON — An American news outlet is reporting that something may have happened but maybe not, too, because.

    The outlet cited unconfirmed reports that other media were reporting the report from the first outlet that reported it, dissolving itself of responsibility in the event that the provocative…

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    Read this book. Do it. You’re welcome. #CoachWooden #PyramidOfSuccess #GoodReads #LifeLessons #Books #Basketball #Hoops #Life #TeamCrossover

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    Now. Finally. #BreakingBad #Heisenberg

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    "I was 9 when Supergirl came out, I loved it so damned much. I didn’t even care about the bad script back then because I walked out of that theatre believing I could fly."

    Alyson L., comment on The Worst (and Least Awful) Female Superhero Movies According to Nostalgia Chick.

    All I can say is a big THIS. Girls grew up wanting super powers just like the boys. They will enjoy your Batman, your Spider-Man, but having someone you can identify with closely is not to be underestimated. This is why Hollywood needs to start putting minds and money behind female-led comic book films. We will pay good money to believe we can fly.

    Please reblog if you’re a lady who grew up loving superheroes. Or just reblog for reasons.

    Jill Pantozzi, Kindergarten

    Yeah, that’s me.

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    …and sometimes the second draft too. Working on a Sunday morning. Need more coffee. #writing #quote #Hemingway #DeadlinesAreTheDeathAndLifeOfMe

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    Now we here. (#regram @adamfolker) #skyisthelimit #blue #sky #clouds #drake #nly #startedfromthebottom

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